[CCN] Biser’s Whitepaper: Profit Sharing Model behind a Chat App

biserad - July 31, 2018 - News /

Biser has uploaded their whitepaper on their website, establishing a Proof of Value Platform.

The main objective is to establish a platform for BISER that will be a base of operations for the further steps. This unique, blockchain powered platform will be a collaboratively distinguished high-quality interface that serves as a central, integral part of the online community.

BISER has several steps in place for the purpose of the app development. At the initial launch, the project will offer a Blockchain-backed digital wallet to allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies, make payments for orders and transfer funds between users.

At this stage, social media features like messaging, voice and video chat and file sharing will still use the standard (non-blockchain) technology to complete processes. The second step will involve upgrading social media features to fully utilise blockchain technology. This will be done as soon as the required infrastructure is completed.

Potential future applications

Since the BISER platform is unique in its nature, it is not limited by its potential applicability. We strive to extend our services from time to time, as the market dictates it, keeping our user’s wishes in mind. Through blockchain, anything is possible, through BISER anything is probable.

Link: https://www.newsbtc.com/press-releases/bisers-whitepaper-profit-sharing-model-behind-a-chat-app/

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