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As the Blockchain industry continues to evolve, society adapts to this digital revolution and people require innovative solutions to everyday problems. Currently accessing and using cryptocurrency is not as straightforward as paying with other currencies. Company Biser is
working on fixing that issue, by providing the first efficient converter of any digital currency into fiat money with their debit card.

Helping cryptocurrencies become more integrated with real world transactions is not the only advantage that comes with Biser. The project aims to develop the ultimate social media application that can offer its users this payment system integrated on the platform and running on blockchain technology. The first step to creating a blockchain based chat app that will become the go-to for every blockchain enthusiasts and investors, an essential community point of meeting for the future of the industry.

Mobile chatting apps have been on the rise since their first apparition with social media platforms, currently estimating an additional 243 million phone users this year alone. People all over the world are always seeking out the newest way to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues, moving towards the application that offers the easiest and most efficient way to share and deliver. Noticing the lack of innovation from the current giant of social applications, Biser’s focus is on going beyond the standard functions by integrating a payment option that aims to generate the ultimate mobile app. While most competitors offer only Paypal and their exorbitant fees as the go-to payment platform, Biser fully integrates a digital wallet that lowers the expense in fees and allows crypto to be used as everyday payment method.

Biser’s team focuses on innovation and goes beyond the standard chat application features, developing the ultimate communication channel that offers video, voice messages, text messaging alongside the chance to carry out payment for bills, transfer funds and make any other kind of payments all on the same place. Finally allowing users to make all of those actions in the same place, securely and quickly.

The community aspect of this app allows for a multitude of ways to interact with others, including the possibility to share your life story with pictures or videos, creating groups with friends and following your favorite artists. All of this can be done as quickly as scanning the QR codes provided by people and businesses, and before you realize it all of your friends will be part of this innovative platform and ready to share with you. Those tired of the constant dangers of interception in communications over other more popular apps will be relieved to interact with others online via a more safe platform like this. As the end-to-end encryption and P2P connections between applications in Biser cancels out any possibility of intercepting user correspondence, allowing everyone to interact and share without third party interference. Alongside the anonymity factor that lets users use the app with an ID generated on the spot that is only known to those who you decide to share it with.

This digital wallet feature turns it into more than just the usual social media application, as you can text friends while also paying for bills and any other everyday expenses all on the same platform. All the funds that you’d like to add to your digital wallet can be transferred with any debit or credit card, bank account and cryptocurrencies. Allowing users to top up their accounts even with fiat currencies or Bitcoin or Ethereum, making it possible to purchase cryptocurrency via the app with debit cards, credit cards or bank transfer. A secure and fast way to access crypto currencies in just a few clicks.

Compared to other mobile payment apps, Biser brings down the high cost of transaction fees. By carrying out payments with a simple scan of the Official Account QR code you are bound to pay with the lowest transaction fees available in your region. Not only that, but even the time that it might take for funds to appear in any other payment account becomes instant with Biser, allowing business owners to transfer payments for goods with no wait.
Friends and families can also use the app to transfer money by just selecting the receiver from their contact list, typing the amount of choice and confirming the transaction with the two step security method.

Business owners will enjoy the business feature of Biser, as they can quickly build a following of interested consumers by simply displaying their Official Account QR code and letting users scan it to then be added to the Follows Group. From that moment onwards, all the users following the business will be notified of any updates, generating a natural interest and constant engagement with brands. The latter can provide their followers with not only updates and pictures, but also with special events promotions, discounts, lucky draws and anything else they can think of which would help their business grow. The potential to grow and expand your loyal audience is infinite.

Overall Biser aims to offer a long term solution that is user friendly, efficient and safe. Allowing everyone, no matter the technical experience level, to access it, placing security and accountability at the top and using years of experience to generate an application that works as efficiently as it’s needed. By combining the increasingly popular power of social networks and digital wallets, this single app is on the way to become the ultimate solution for all kinds of social and payment transaction necessities. Using the security and reliability of Blockchain to deliver a most useful platform.

Their ICO campaign is currently running and the chat app development is planned to be carried out this November, with the campaign ending in December. The funds will be used to deliver the ultimate app as mentioned above, alongside planning to develop further features such as an exchange platform for cryptocurrency, a gambling platform and any other innovative solutions that Biser can think of integrating. To produce the mobile application that everyone can access and benefit from.

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