The smart way to spend your cryptocurrency.

Biser unlikes other service provider, there are no hurdles or hoops to jump over to use cryptocurrency.

  • Mobile Wallet
  • Prepaid Master Card
  • Send and receive money worldwide


Is using cryptocurrency to difficult for you?

We can help. Open an account in minutes, with everything you need to get up and using cryptocurrency today!

Online account opening

Everything can be done online with our Biser app.

Send money to anyone

One of the great reason to use cryptocurrency is there is a freedom to send money to anyone. Biser app focuses on the user expereicne and you can easily send up to 8 cryptocurrency to anyone around the world. 

Chat and communicate with your friends and family

Our chat app supports text messaging, voice call and video call. Stay connected with your friends or business partners on our app.

Built-in Token Exchange

Seamlessly exchange tokens within your wallet, never letting your funds outside of your reach.

Multi-Chain Wallets Management

Create Bitcoin, Ethereuem, Ripple and Bitcoin cash wallets. Safely back them up in one click.

Secure Storage

All private keys for our wallets are encrypted with AES-256 and are stored offline, 99.5% of our users’ funds are kept in a cold storage with multi-signature technology.


Protection against wiretapping.

The network connection between the interlocutors is established directly outside the server, and all the transmitted data is encrypted. This technical solution excludes the possibility of wiretapping and interception of text messages.

Protection against blocking.

Using P2P connections for communication and the DHT mechanism to determine the IP address and TCP / UDP ports of the interlocutor exclude the technical possibility of administrative blocking.

Cross-platform versions.

The application is developed for all popular platforms.

Application of Smart contracts

Payment for advanced functions, payments are carried out via smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.


The use of asymmetric end-to-end encryption and P2P connections between applications eliminates the possibility of intercepting user correspondence.


The absence of servers that store user correspondence excludes the disclosure of this information at the request of government agencies or as a result of hacker attacks.

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Bisercoin Details

Total Supply: 15,000,000,000 BRC
Token for Public Sale: 6,000,000,000 BRC

Token Holders Benefit

Profit Sharing

100% profit sharing model for all BRC Token hodlers. For every transactions a merchant accpets, the merchant pays 0.5-3% in the form of merchant discount fee. All the payment card fees are distrubited to all BRC holders.

Use Master Prepaid card

Our Master prepaid card only accepts BRC deposit. When you request for your own MasterCard, you must hold BRC in order to get the best rate.

Spending Rebate

All our prepard card has rebate benefits. Rebate benefits based on the how much BRC in your wallet.